CO-VID19 Update

To our valued client,

We wanted to reach out during these challenging times and let you know you and your families are in our thoughts. We hope you are managing the best that you can under these circumstances.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday ordered nonessential businesses to keep 100% of their workforce at home. California has a similar order in place and it is possible that other states may follow.

We want to ensure you that we will all continue to be working on your 2019 tax returns (safely in the remote confines of our homes). For those of you who have not provided us with your 2019 information yet, we encourage you to provide this to us as soon as possible. We understand there are some logistical challenges presented for anyone who typically brings in their information to our office/mails information to the office. We encourage anyone who is able to send information electronically to please do so using the secured portal. If we have previously set you up on a portal please use this, otherwise you can upload to our portal by using the link provided below. If a paper mailing is required we can provide you with the address where this information can be mailed.

Please reach out to your Tanton Grubman team member to discuss any issues. A full directory is provided below.

Treasury has announced that, in addition to an extension of time to pay your 2019 tax liability due April 15th 2020, there is now an extension of time to file through July 15, 2020. This includes 2020 Q1 estimated tax payments.

We are continuing to move forward as quickly as possible with the preparation of your 2019 tax filings to ensure that you have the information you will need in order to pay your 2019 tax liability in addition to the estimated 2020 payments that will be due at that time. You should contact us to monitor what adjustments will be necessary to your 2020 estimates due to any changes in your income due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The individual states have not established uniform extension policies. We will keep you apprised of these updates.

As always, we are here to support you and your business and your well-being is our utmost concern!

Secure Portal:

To securely send files to the firm, please copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

When uploading your documents, please select the Tanton Grubman team member that you primarily work with from the dropdown menu so they will be notified that you have uploaded the files.

Your team at Tanton Grubman

Tanton Grubman Directory: 212-883-0011

Deborah Assal – X 7064

David Barrett – X 7050

David Carey – X 7010

Usman Farooqi – X 7018

Robert Grubman – X 7030

Maryia Korbut – X 7456

Dolores Leo – X 7060

Tasha Ozger – X 7023

Evelyn Pons – X 7457

Yvette Pons – X 7011

Jade Rodriguez – X 7453

Evelyn Saba – X 7022

Prasand Sohan – X 7012

Harvey Tanton – X 7070

Melanea Tanton – X 7046

Robert Tanton – X 7035

Arlene Torres – X 7061

Cory Vernoia – X 7045

Clara Vinces – X 7021

Eric Wagschal – X 7015

Tzvi Yifat – X 7024

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